Illustrator / comic artist    

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I’m an illustrator from Spain who loves to tell stories. I’ve got a BA in Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid. Currently living and working between Valladolid and Madrid.
I’m always experimenting and learning around techniques and media.

I love sketchbooking and I give a lot of importance to the ideas that emerge in it’s pages. I’m passionate about colour and its use in the creation of interesting scenes and characters.


Comic page (Nunca nadie me dijo) for Alta Tensión #01. Desfiladero Ediciones. 2019
Illustration for M21 magazine, nº 26 May 2019
Cover for Clementine. Novel by Clara Cortés. La Galera. 2019
Illustration for Hits With Tits postcard. 2018
Illustrations for Ladrillazo. Board Game. 2017